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All news /  2014-09-27 18:13:55 / 

Sully Erna

Date / 2014-09-27 18:13:55

In the brand updated new interview along with the AMH Network, GODSMACK the front man Sully Erna also admitted that band has completely neglected entire international market on the wide scale for many of their closely 20-year of existence, it is something which GODSMACK plans to get it modified in the year 2015. "There are great politics which is going on with the record label as well as few of decisions which were also made," he then explained. "There is basically the merger, and also long story in very short way, it also became quite expensive for them to go international without any kind of support. We also had none of the records in the stores. But as now it has got to the point when people acknowledge that they need to begin touring on the international trips, and so we have complete support to do this."

Back again in the year 2012, GODSMACK was also forced to cancel complete number of the European dates because of unspecified vocal troubles of Erna. Moreover, GODSMACK was even able to perform 2 of their 14 scheduled dates in the city of Europe that has marked first time with band which had toured continent in about 9 years. GODSMACK would take the part in the festival of monstrous Soundwave in Australia early next year with the FAITH NO MORE, SOUNDGARDEN, SLIPKNOT, and many more.

"When the songs such as '1000hp' was being recorded, then we have started feeling the similar kind of chemistry once again, and also once again we felt truly strong as the band."

However, GODSMACK is also taking the part in Festival of Energy Drink Uproar 2014 Rockstar, that has kicked off on 15th of August in Clarkston as well as in Michigan and will also run through on 21st September. buddies