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All news /  2014-06-19 08:36:50 / 

Summer Glau

Date / 2014-06-19 08:36:50

Starring with Nathan Fillion as the captain of ship Malcolm Reynolds, series also carried various audiences to furthest reaches of the space on most firefly-class of ship which is fondly dubbed as the "Serenity." At the same time, the followers as well as fans of this show were self-proclaimed "Browncoats" which is named after imaginary Independence rebels in this series which also played the pivot and the key role to bring the cast as well as the characters which are back to life during the film of 2005 sequel to series of "Serenity," as the action-packed and movie centering about the most inexplicable character of the River Tam, which is played by the Summer Glau.

This being also said, Utah Browncoats would be quite excited as well as thrilled to hear that the FantasyCon has also arranged to bring the Glau at Salt Lake City being the special as well as most exclusive guest celebrity at 3-5 inaugural convention on July.

The appearance of "Summer” at initial most FantasyCon also speaks about the volumes about caliber of various artists who are attending the convention," specified Josh Patel, the founder of FantasyCon in the press release at the time of announcement. At the same time, "She is most flexible science fiction as well as fantasy actresses during the film as well as industry of television, and in addition to the list of the celebrities would certainly enhance experience of the FantasyCon."

Though several of their fans also know from the time at "Firefly," Moreover, Glau is even well recognized for the most recent and updated work, which includes the current and recent role as the Isabel Rochev in series of CW which was a great hit "Arrow" as well as their role as the Cameron Philips with the "Terminator."

Glau even joins the already astral celebrity of the lineup which is scheduled for the FantasyCon, that includes Simon Pegg of the "Star Trek: which is in the Darkness" as well as "Shaun of Dead" in their initial most appearance of the convention. buddies