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Tanya Haden

Date / 2014-08-17 08:16:09

Just same as father, the very similar kind of daughter — and the daughter, and one more daughter, the Haden sisters — Rachel, Petra and Tanya — have melodic bloodlines which run deep in the music of America. Functioning session and touring musicians the whole, with a few solo result also, the trio has arrive together for the record which finds out classic and harmonies Depression-era nation. The female are the progeny of jazz wonderful Charlie Haden, who just died on 11th July. He initial completed a name with the Ornette Coleman Quartet, as well as assisted define the bass in the jazz. But earlier than he complete their own name in music, he visited with their siblings and parents because of the Haden Family, with the show on radio and on the Midwestern bluegrass circuit same to the Carter Family of June Johnny Cash fame and Carter Cash.

And it is those tunes of old-time that the Haden sisters take up in the harmony of three-part. The triplets come in 1971, have confirmed their personal musical chops enjoying with the striking roster of indie rock as well as favorites of chart-topping. Tanya Haden performed with the Silversun Pickups, and she is wedded to musician and actor Jack Black. Rachel Haden has visited with Todd Rundgren and Jimmy Eat World. Violinist Petra Haden has functioned with The Decemberists, Green Day, the Foo Fighters, and Weezer.

Going away from a jazz upbringing into the rock arenas as well as homey bluegrass could look the same as a stretch, but they did it one time before, in the year 2008, at the time Haden senior brought the relatives together for the roots record, Rambling Boy, marking Josh brother also. At present, it is the shine time to sisters. buddies