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All news /  2015-05-28 12:20:32 / 

Tasha Schwikert

Date / 2015-05-28 12:20:32

At the time Olympic team of U.S. women was declared early in the summer, Tasha Schwikert was not on this team. So, far by the time the games of Sydney were complete, Schwikert, the least experienced and youngest member of the team that got bronze but did not understand it until the period of 10 years, had come as the American "it" tumbler of their generation.

Schwikert Las Vegas-reared was not originally named to the Olympic team of U.S. for the Games of Sydney that was contained of Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray, Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzscher, Morgan White and Dominique Dawes, with Alyssa Beckerman as first exchange. As a silent postscript to the Trials, Schwikert was additional to the rota as a next swap some days later.

But the resident of Las Vegas done a great impression in the spotlight of Olympic after harms sidelined White and Beckerman. On the other hand, long and complete gymnastics career of Schwikert was just begun. Understand best for their high-soaring barwork, Schwikert goes on to be a 2-time all-around champion of U.S., skipper of the World Champion team 2003, next option to the Olympic team 2004 and all-around champion NCAA twice over. Later than graduating from UCLA, she goes to the job as a stuntwoman/additional for the physical exercises TV drama "Make It or Break It" on the ABC Family.

Still they are very good at bars, explained Schwikert, who now works for Wasserman Media Group, a marketing based sports firm in L.A. Still they can do a Tkatchev, double back dismounts, Pak saltos, possibly a twofold layout. On the floor, twofold pike, possibly a full double. In case she has an occasion or look coming up, Schwikert explains be in the gymnasium a couple weeks earlier, doing proper and regular work on their complete strength. buddies