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All news /  2015-04-27 12:55:58 / 

Todd Solondz

Date / 2015-04-27 12:55:58

Todd Solondz, the unhappy master of American uptown anguish in movies such as Storytelling and Happiness, is to come back to a nature from their breach movie Welcome to the Dollhouse in their further project.

Dawn Wiener, the intimidate, sexually inquisitive teenager in the Dollhouse, is to be visited again in Wiener Dog, a group of movie with a strand marking a grown up Dawn, to be wonderfully performed by – who else? – Greta Gerwig. The movie is even perfectly set to star Julie Delpy, as per to the report.

Wiener Dog was the pet name unkindly provided to Dawn, on the other hand the new movie will really concentrate on an actual canine, a dachshund all around that the entire stories are associated. Megan Ellison, the monies winner of leftfield US films such as True Grit, Her and Zero Dark Thirty, The Master, is to make, next to Happiness producer Christine Vachon.

Salutation to the Dollhouse has accumulated a cult following, haggard to its cruelly unsentimental get on the movie of US high school, and it formed an indie-world feeling when it was exposed in 1995: it got the prize of Grand Jury at Sundance, even as lead actor of v12-year-old Heather Matarazzo won the award of Independent Spirit for their wonderful performance.

It is not the first time Solondz has visited again own material. In the Life During Wartime, he selected once more with the characters from Happiness, also remaking the opening scene of earlier film.

Wiener Dog would be first famous and most admired film of Solondz since Dark Horse of 2011, in which the Peter Bradshaw of Guardian founded a mellowing of their earlier style: later than the death-metal of touching horror in their earlier films, Solondz provides them quieter cavity music in the minor key. buddies