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All news /  2014-06-26 09:04:44 / 

Tracie Thoms

Date / 2014-06-26 09:04:44

Tracie Thoms did splash on the Television on Wednesday, however it was not meant for any new role. As actress as well as the singer was initial most celebrity that appears on the Catfish looking for the help of Max Joseph as well as Nev Schulman. So, in any case, if you have missed this then here is something which moved down. Tracie, who is even known for their roles in the Rent, both at the Broadway as well as on the film also in the Cold Case, that has been also in the contact with the great fan by name of the Sammie. He also helped to promote the projects of Thoms and both of them communicated through Twitter. Since Thoms mentioned in episode, that fan similar to Sammie is basically the dream that has come true and which spread word regarding the projects. However, Thoms was not the person about whom Sammie was speaking about. She is even befriended with the Lotti Knowles who is the producer friend of Thoms as well as Marissa von Bleicken who is the Glee Project contestant.

At the time of communicating with Tracie, Sammie also made the fake profile of Reese, who is even the fan of actress. However, then she killed that fake fan, specifying that she then died from the great disease of cancer. Also, she took the video at the funeral of their cousin to send them to Thoms. The suspicious Tracie called at funeral home, even pushed Sammie for additional information and that's the time all stopped & Schulman as well as Joseph also entered in this picture.

They delved in Sammie and also investigated about their background, detection of connection to win Bleicken as well as meeting with reality star, and also to set up the meeting in between Sammie and Thoms. buddies