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Troy Aikman

Date / 2015-02-04 07:01:02

Seattle Seahawks consecutively back Marshawn Lynch has moved the media the whole season, choosing up the fine of $50,000 previous in this season and recently replying questions at media day of Super Bowl with he is just there so he would not get fined.

Though Lynch has aggravated the media, and almost certainly some public-relations spokespeople, earlier quarterback Troy Aikman of Dallas Cowboys does not believe unwillingness of Lynch to speak with the media affects something happening on in the locker room. In the current interview with KTCK-AM 1310, Aikman noticed the concern. They do not suppose it actually matters, supposed by Aikman. They have done many Seattle games, obviously; they have never spoken with Marshawn Lynch. They have never met them. They have never had them in the production meeting. But they do discuss to the people and PR guys within the group, and they suppose that is only who he is and they know that.

Having performed with characters back at the time he was playing, they can inform you in their personal experience that none of that actually matters to someone in the locker room as extensive as the man moves out and performs like he does on the Sundays and it is amazing watching them play and their strength of mind and once he gets moving. And thus whatever he is an interruption, possibly, or an irritation, possibly, in times to those in the PR who have to manage them, but they do not suppose it is to their teammates.

They have heard not anything but wonderful things regarding them as a coworker, and they are sure that they whole laugh regarding it. They are sure he does, also. They have heard he is a very bright guy and he is parlayed this into a heck of a viable apparently with Skittles. buddies