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All news /  2014-11-19 05:44:02 / 

Tyler Perry

Date / 2014-11-19 05:44:02

Tasha Smith Actress is famous for playing the female with ample of edge in the most productions of Tyler Perry, such as Daddy’s Little Girls and Why Did I Get Married. But it seems like the performer has been treating like quite the terrible girl in actual life. As per to the report, husband of Tasha, Keith Douglas, currently got an order from court for their wife to stay away from them. The judges have give order to Tasha, who still resides with their husband, to maintain a distance of two yards when they are together in the home and approx 100 yards at the time not on the common property.

In the documents of court, husband of Tasha claims that their wife flies in to drunken rages and even she has endangered to kill them or have some others hurt them. Occasionally, he claims, she also warned them to “not fall sleeping or a bit will take place.” Keith even claims that Tash has vulnerable them opposite of their kids, the pair share not any kids mutually and he is also had to depart the house more than a few times to get out of their way.

In anticipation of there is a complete hearing, Tasha will stay behind at home with their husband, at a reserve. Information close to Tasha informs TMZ that the claims are totally ludicrous and that Tasha has not any type of concerns with alcohol. They can just feel that the couple can search a resolve to this particular problem very early. buddies