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All news /  2014-09-04 12:00:47 / 

Vanessa Hudgens

Date / 2014-09-04 12:00:47

They have remained to be the best friends from the day of filming High School of Disney Musical in the year 2006 that was followed by 2 of the sequels. As well as on Friday, even Vanessa Hudgens & even Ashley Tisdale also got along with few of their different cast mates to even recall about great old days that even joined by none of the their director, who is Kenny Ortega, that is for the night out of Los Angeles.

It is really such wonderful small Hsm of the reunion in previous night. ashleytisdale as well as KO also laughing high,' Vanessa, who is age 25, even gushed at Instagram on the day following since she has shared the snapshot of most cosy trio. However, the star of Spring Breakers is also snuggled in between Ashley as well as Kenny since they even sit in booth of the restaurant. Since, she gets leans towards the bestie who is about 29-year-old, Vanessa just could not look to be happy, grinning from the ear to ear at the time of revealing the most radiant glow having the scarlet slick at the lips as well as the dramatic make-up of black eye.

Her ombre locks which are of shoulder-length are also styled in the loose waves, at the time when she is dresses in tight top of black color with the long necklace which is dangling down, and which gets teamed up with the distressed as well as the denim shorts. The fair-haired beauty gets stylishly dressed in the black dress as well, get spruced up with most chunky layered of the necklace.

On other side, Kenny, who is of age 64, is even flashing the most pearly whites, since they dons the most casual T-shirt of grey color. buddies