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All news /  2014-09-09 18:14:54 / 

Victoria Gotti

Date / 2014-09-09 18:14:54

People generally know that Real Housewives that is Of New Jersey also love the great gossip. But also they are left to be completely speechless by the startling revelation on the episode on Sunday night. The time, when Victoria Gotti planned to share few rather the private information along with the friend Teresa Giudice as well as Amber Marchese, both of them were shocked which is beyond the belief at most damning claim which can be really enough to end their marriage. However, sitting down with their pals at home after when trio met up at the time of the appearance for the sparkling wine label of Teresa's Fabellini, Victoria also divulged sordid story regarding the newcomer Rino, the husband of Teresa Aprea.

Starting, by explaining what they met few years before when she was taking her dinner at the restaurant, moreover she also went on for revealing that subsequent to just 2 weeks of understanding him, he also gifted her with the diamond Rolex watch since she is completely recovering from the surgery in hospital. Moreover, while she also admits that she has thought him as he is just 'insane', the friendship also continued to be nonetheless.

On the other hand, one evening when he divulged the secret to this she also just could not even help however just share with the fellow housewives. At the same time, bewildered by actually what they have just heard, women on the first as does not completely know that how they need to respond.

'I actually don't essentially know that if this is actually true or it is not true,' Amber also gave them about the benefit of doubt, thereby adding, 'but only thought that even Rino also slept with the Santa, this will also have been quite better if this will also have ever heard that Rino slept with Nicole. buddies