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All news /  2014-03-14 21:07:10 / 

Wendi McLendon-Covey

Date / 2014-03-14 21:07:10
Amy Smart, the Actress doesn’t precisely live up to the last name while she was teen. “Girlfriends and Amy use to go to fair that have all the little arts as well as crafts booths as they thought it will be really awesome to take the things devoid of paying. So they get the royally busted for it," But Smart's disobedience does not end there. The initial most time she also decided to sneak the house, when mother one way or another had the premonition that daughter was not in the bedroom. "I'm up the street as my dad will come racing on hill, just panicked as my mom owns a 6th sense that I was not there in my bedroom." I really fail to understand that why is it always mom that knows? Moreover, Zulay Henao, who basically plays Esperanza, which is well, shared the quite similar kind of a story. "I even decided to skip my school and so my mother then came for me during the party. Then, she showed in the red Nissan Sentra. So i was completely grounded for minimum of two weeks and then got hit while I got to home." We are quite pretty certain that Henao never skipped her school any more again. Wendi McLendon the bridesmaid, also Covey that they had a bit of dissimilar story. She then said that she never faced any kind of trouble at school, however at home she usually "threw the Cube of Rubik at my sister as well as gave her the fat lip. She again was asking for this." Wendi, we will not be to argue about this with you! We even asked cast regarding some of the favorite memories on the subject of their mothers. Watch the video to search out what a sweet treat does the mom of Tyler Perry always got him while they go to doctor. buddies