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Willie Brown

Date / 2014-06-10 09:43:44

Brown was not pointing out to the real devastation of the city, as almost took place in the shocking earthquake 1906, but the practical destruction of the city in the movies of Hollywood. He expressed grief the truth that few movies are shot in the region of California, allow alone the Bay Area, having to global opposition in the movie industry.

Mainly in the 70s and ’80s, the area of San Francisco utilized to be the 2nd most famous city for the shoot of Hollywood movie, because it was a simple hour long flight for the famous stars to journey from LAX to the area of SFO, and the city preserved movie crews for both out of city productions and it have once-growing movie industry, leaded by George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. But as notes by Joel Pollak at Breitbart California, even as Brown credited the move left from the San Francisco to advanced technology, the earlier mayor “did not find out the reasons for departure of film, together with high taxes as well as onerous rules of the union.”

But possibly San Francisco must take a signal from New York throughout the Lindsay era of the late 60s, calm down its arduous regulations, and cheer more cinematography in the city. As noted by Miriam Greenberg in their book Branding New York: How a City in Crisis Was Sold in 2008, to fight the increasing loss of movie production to Hollywood, in the year 1966, then Mayor John Lindsay renovated the film agency of city in 1966, and smooth the process of permit process for main motion pictures to be New York shot. This brought too much required revenues into the main city, but the entrance of entire of those added movie shoots, thanks to the policy change by the dangerously liberal Mayor Lindsay, recognized the effects of entire of the additional policy changes in Lindsay era was leaded in. buddies