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Wilt Chamberlain

Date / 2015-02-25 07:47:27

Wilt Chamberlain has scored the awesome record of about 42 points in 1962 NBA for the All-Star of the Game. 53 years later, even Oklahoma City of the Thunder guard such as Russell Westbrook that came single point of shy of tying the mark while he has scored 41 at the time of winning 2015 every Star Game of the MVP honors subsequent to leading Western Conference to the victory of 163-158 Sunday night over the Madison Square Garden. Moreover, you also have on court at wonderful players in entire world, as well as everyone wish ball," Moreover, NBA commissioner with the Adam Silver also said. "There are many lot of the offense there. Hence, you need to be able for scoring about 42 points, exclusively in old days while there are some games of lower-scoring as well, it may also be one of these records which may also never be broken."

Moreover, Chamberlain also made 17 from the 23 shots as well as half of the 16 free of the throws when they are grabbing about 24 rebounds in just 37 minutes for the Philadelphia at the year 1962 for All-Star of the Game in the St. Louis. And St. Louis Hawks All-Star of the Bob Pettit also earned with MVP honors subsequent netting the double-double of the 25 points as well as 27 rebounds at the time of West's 150-130 with the win over East. Before Sunday night, closest of All-Star even got to the record of Chamberlain was Michael Jordan that even scored about 40 points in the year 1988.

On this Sunday, Westbrook also made the initial 2 throws to get in just 2 points of the Chamberlain with All-Star of the record with about 1.3 seconds left. So, the guard of Oklahoma City thunder also tried to miss 2nd free throw with hope to get put-back & to send new great score. buddies