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Ava Gardner

Date / 2014-09-21 15:26:52

The boss of MGM, Louis B Mayer also turned to be red with the kind of irritation then also white with the fury. Six-inch of cigar that had been also chewing was then hurled all across great office. The pile of the contracts was even swept quite violently off desk which is red-topped. Moreover, you will not get married to the specific girl, and this is the complete end of this," he then shouted. However, MGM also has made that what you are. On the other hand that you will work with us, you will also do just like you are told. In case you will marry anyone then this would be Judy Garland." "So, in such a case," as replied richest as well as highly successful star of the movie in entire world, "possibly I should not be even working for you."

Moreover, at 21, that is Mickey Rooney, who is 5-foot-tall and kid from the Brooklyn, was even the millionaire. He also had just taken from Judy Garland being the America's number first attraction of movie box-office and his complete series of the smash-hit and Andy Hardy pictures also had gained MGM that is more than million $200. So, now he is well prepared to throw them away for love of 18-year-old girl where the hand he has held insolently in the office of their boss. She also was the unknown will be starlet from the North Carolina. The name is Ava Gardner. Moreover, they also had met just month before the set of picture Babes Mickey of the Broadway.

However, true to their word then he also asked that the 5 more times. AT the same time every time it was then refused. This is the only time when the agent pointed that being seen through Mickey Rooney will provide her career with tremendous boost which finally Ava Gardner had agreed to dine. buddies