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All news /  2015-06-12 18:53:33 / 

Chuck Zito

Date / 2015-06-12 18:53:33

Chuck Zito, earlier Sons of the Anarchy star as well as the earlier president of New York that is chapter of Hell Angels, that is also issued with apology with TMZ yesterday mainly for their comments which is War Machine "highly overreacted" when they also attacked with Christy Mack & also with the other man prior in this month. Chuck Zito had also expanded on entire "overreaction" that is the comment by punching their hand at the time of saying "if the girl was also banging a person I'd be also be doing the similar kind of thing."

It is basically the moment that also sadly resonated with the reaction of several sections of MMA comment in the wake of the news of earlier actions of the UFC star and also the subsequent kind of manhunt. Initially, Chuck Zito also said that they was also trying to set entire record straight at "some kind of comments that also evidently said," that claiming that they was also trying to say that this is certainly none of anybody business that what they basically do. He was also quite stressed that while he also said that he will do the same kind of thing if they caught their wife and girlfriend to found cheating that they was also only expressing their "own and their personal feelings," however on the other hand he also "chose wrong or the incorrect words for expressing themselves."

Chuck Zito also did the highly predictable possible thing. He also started mentioning that every kind of female relative that he has in the effort of making it clear that they love those women and will also never let people actually cares about any kind of harm. Eventually, Zito also turned them into the victim. He also said "haters on the social media" even had told that he also deserved cancer he would previously get afflicted with, buddies