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All news /  2015-05-29 09:34:25 / 

Dick Van Dyke

Date / 2015-05-29 09:34:25
In case Dick Van Dyke did not previously have the Award of SAG Lifetime Achievement, he had most likely earned it for this! The actor of 89-year-old, who starred in films like "Bye Bye Birdie," "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," and "Mary Poppins" confirms that still he has that X-factor in the video music for the song of folk music band Dustbowl Revival, "Never Had to Go." The female in the video Van Dyke is keeping a try to woo into dancing with them is their wife, Arlene.   Not any more information regarding how the group persuaded Van Dyke to look in the video. Possibly the members of the band grew up on reruns of "Diagnosis: Murder" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show" Or possibly Van Dyke just actually likes to dance.   Dustbowl Revival witticisms on their account on YouTube: they had the chance and the opportunity to share the first one 'Never Had to Go' from their release of 2015 "With a Lampshade On" with the guy himself, Dick Van Dyke and their beautiful wife Arlene. They supposed come over and let us do a video. Therefore, they did. What a pensive guy.   As per to the post on, the actor showed their dance talents in the new video music for “Never Had to Go” of Dustbowl Revival. Not just does Dick bop, but he even gets involved their wife, Arlene, it is complete must watch the video.   The song itself is very catchy, but it is moves of Van Dyke that will have you watching again and again. Not just is he perfect, but he is ridiculous — and so people like him so. To watch the dance of Dick Van Dyke in this video will definitely make lighter your day. The guy is a well-accepted actor, and forever looks to smile no issue what is happening in their life. Before declared, Van Dyke was concerned in a dodgy condition when their car split open into flamed on the 101 throughway in the Los Angeles back in the year 2013. Even though he required to be rescued, and the condition was quite perilous, still Van Dyke made jokes regarding the circumstances. buddies