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All news /  2015-05-29 09:29:36 / 

Heather Locklear

Date / 2015-05-29 09:29:36
The actress of 53-year-old show off their bikini bod and banging in the Bora Bora previous in this month with Richie Sambora their ex-husband and daughter Ava, 17. The welcoming exes were vacationing along with their just kid to spend best time as folks earlier than the skillful teen heads off to the Academy.   Locklear was taken pictures of showing off their wonderful figure in a teensy tiny double piece, looking content and relaxed as she rocked negligible makeup while using their hair in a normal style. The beautiful family of three was even captured posing for a picture in the water, and obviously, Ava innate dad and mom’s desirable genes.   Sambora, as well as Heather, desired to spend best time with Ava as the member of family, the earlier Bon Jovi star's rep declared in a declaration to People. They are enjoying their 4.2 GPA, and their 11 scholarship provides from schools. She has not chosen the last one so far. They are arrogant of them.   As the family goes away, Ava joined the Festival of Coachella Music and has been on the road colleges like NYU, Syracuse and Fordham.   This positively is not the first time Locklear and Sambora have brought back together with their daughter. The friendly exes, who separated in the year 2007 later than 12 years of relationship, have earlier been photographed jointly in Hawaii, and they all were smiles at the 16th birthday bash of their daughter. Time does cure old problems. It means they still in love Heather and they understand she loves them, Sambora, explained in People magazine a previous year. She is the mother of their child. What you can say?"   He also speaks some about their daughter: She is very close and have a frank connection...they are really pompous of them—she is just a delight. buddies