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All news /  2014-12-05 06:24:47 / 

Janelle Pierzina

Date / 2014-12-05 06:24:47

Janelle Pierzina, fan favorite of Big Brother stoked exhilaration Thursday with their declaration hinting at either a come back to the Big Brother 16 house or one more baby on the way.

On the afternoon of Thursday Janelle shared the exciting riddle on Twitter declaring, Oh my, oh my! What do we have here?

They have clearly just got two choices to work with there, thus which is it? Is it 16th season of Big Brother as some considered (a guess they do not support) or might Janelle be on their way to three-peat parenthood?

Back in the month of January 2013 Janelle declared “Baby #2 is approaching and Due in the month of August though Twitter thus it is definitely possible that she is pregnant once more despite being near together.

Fans of the BB14 will keep in mind their “trip to Greece” only before the season begin that caused very much chaos and out’s their involvement in the particular series. This will be way; way near the beginning compared to that and far also direct, a bit I would be amazed for CBS to permit.

Thus what do you suppose it is? Is Janelle expectant with baby #3 or are they set for one more All-Stars for the season of Big Brother 2014? Possibly a Fans Vs Favorites as casting actions are still rolling? They are going with the earlier and still hoping for? The all-new cast on the BB16. What just you?

Just as they suspected, Janelle is with child! Congratulations to the future three-peat mommy. She common the substantiation today on the Twitter and thanked their followers for playing along with them tease regarding possibly going back to the house of Big Brother. buddies