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Michael Cavadias

Date / 2015-02-06 06:57:59

Our conversation like Voice To Voice series brings collectively members of the LGBT area to talk about events, issues, projects and topics they are offering, developing, paying attention in, or possibly even annoyed by. The next conversation Voice To Voice is between writer and actor Michael Cavadias and performer, director, and visual artist Rob Roth, who have worked together on "The Mystery of Claywoman."

Combination live performance as well as movie, the show is the account of Claywoman, an old enigma of 500-million year who, myth has it, can treat anyone of their genuine pain. She, with their canine musical companion of traveling "Craig," travels the cosmos looking for souls to planets and heals to save.

Performed and Written by Michael Cavadias and performed and directed by Rob Roth, "The Mystery of Claywoman" starts with a "unfinished, found, severely restored and damaged" documentary movie which starts the mythology and theories surrounding the character of Claywoman. This mockumentary elevates questions about their need for ritual, faith and validation throughout interviews with characters performed by such actor as Edgar Oliver, Alan Cumming, Justin Bond, Amy Poehler, Ruth Maleczech and Debbie Harry. Complete info and info related to ticket is available here.

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