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All news /  2014-12-06 06:43:42 / 

Rachel Bilson

Date / 2014-12-06 06:43:42

The actress of Hart of Dixie and actor of Star Wars, Hayden Christensen, both are 33 years of age, welcomed a lovely daughter, Briar Rose Christensen, on the 29th October, Bilson's agent declared on Thursday. Mother and baby are fit and doing well, added by the spokesperson.

Even as the birth in case any a baby is mysterious, the pair drew on the enchantment of fairy tales when naming the small girl. Briar Rose is the genuine title of the Sleeping Beauty story as noted by the Grimm Brothers in at the roll of the 17th Century. Even the name was utilized in Sleeping Beauty classic of Disney from 1959; at the time good fairies describe Princess Aurora by the alias Briar Rose to aim to defend them from evil imp Maleficent, who desires to place a curse on them.

Recently Rachel was marked to the all-star baby shower and thanks to their pals Jaime King and Natalie Portman. The hopeful mother was bounded by their family and friends, together with the Thor performer and their co-star Hart of Dixie, in month of August because they grouped to celebrate the imminent birth of their first kid.

Visitors at the occasion that took place a personal home in the Los Angeles even included their friends of high school. A best source told that in its place of gifts, everybody brought a birth drop. Every person provided them a piece of recommendation and a sanction along with the drop.

She would utilize the beads for power throughout labor. It was declared in May 2014 that the star 'O.C.' was pregnant her first baby along with the actor Hayden of 'Star Wars'. Even as the couple never formally declared the news, an insider faith the brunette wow is very pleased to be expecting a kid. buddies