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All news /  2014-03-25 20:13:04 / 

Stephanie McMahon

Date / 2014-03-25 20:13:04

For about 14 years, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have served the resident power of WWE's couple, both off screen and also onscreen. Moreover, they also have made the life a true living hell for various superstars of WWE and thy also have shown the propensity for doing what so ever is required to make sure about the favorable and preferred outcome for themselves. Kurt Angle, The Rock, Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels, Big Show as well as Rhodes family are few of most notable as well as renowned names for suffering the wrath of couple of billion-dollar, and also with the Triple H possibly capturing still other WWE Championship at the WrestleMania XXX, this may also get quite worse prior that it starts better.

Last night on Monday over Raw, couple was also united as well as strong as ever since these they also set the Bryan up for the brutal as well as beating violent. With more than 2 weeks to go till greatest show of year and the match with Aberdeen native, which could Triple H as well as Stephanie also have in the store for leader of Yes Movement? However, in the celebration of return couple to the wicked, ways of diabolical, here is the look back at few of their biggest as well as most infamous heel moments, which also ranked in the chronological order. Moreover, it also does not acquire more villainous other than orchestrating the vehicular attack of other human being.

On other hand it will not get revealed till nearly the year later, also, Triple H does just at 1999 series of Survivor when they recruited Rikishi to move down the "Stone Cold" of the Steve Austin in lot of parking of Joe Louis Arena at the Detroit. buddies