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All news /  2015-04-24 17:33:18 / 

Val Kilmer

Date / 2015-04-24 17:33:18

The family of Val Kilmer believes that the actor is also killing them by not actually dealing with the serious tumor for the reason of their religious beliefs. However, TMZ broke the entire story ... Val is also rushed to hospital on Monday night subsequently that he was also started bleeding through the throat. Moreover, Doctors at the UCLA of the Medical Center, even Santa Monica was well operated directly and was also found of the tumor. We are also told about entire surgery was quite invasive ... so they also required increasing the path that can also facilitate to be breathing.

The Family members also tell the TMZ ... Val also has known regarding tumor in summer. They also had the trouble with speaking as well as his neck that was swelled to point when he covered this up with the scarves, as well as different clothing products. So, entire members of the family also say that they have urged Val for seeking treatment however he will also have  none of this for the reason of the beliefs of Christian Science. They also say that he has shunned the medical treatment so anyone that persisted to get cut out from their life.

At the same time, followers of the Christian Science usually believe to the prayer heals, so not the medical treatment. Also, the family also says about Val will never again confess to the pain as it was considered to be the admission which prayer does not work, but also while he start coughing up the blood Monday the options that ran out.

This family is also hopeful for the reason of Val seems that somewhat many receptive about the treatment. Also, Val has released about following statement regarding the page of Facebook - "Thank for all the sweet and the kind support. However, I also never had the tumor, or the tumor operations as well as different operation." buddies