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All news /  2015-02-20 09:02:05 / 

Victor Cruz

Date / 2015-02-20 09:02:05

Victor Cruz is keyed up regarding Fashion Week of men in July — but at the time it comes to showing their sartorial taste he forever has to keep their work in mind. Sometimes they perform second-guess their wardrobe when they get perfect dressed in the time of morning. They have a definite dress code they have to move by, and in case they don’t follow it, they will be fined.

At the present, it was not the ensemble of 28-year-old that caused a mix, but rather their shoes which made them take a further look. Their coach likes us to properly dress up, and they had these sneaker-shoes of Lanvin on, supposed by Cruz. He was not having it! So they only took them off and place on some normal shoes and saved another day of Lanvins.

She is been controlling the whole thing. They only say yes and steal the credit card, told Victor Cruz about their impending marriage to Elaina Watley. They have full of trust in them. But the salsa-jazz Giants star informed us offstage at the Fashion Week show of Perry Ellis that their main concern is the music: they do not wish people to be comfortably sitting down at all. They are having the reception and the dinner in two different rooms. They wish people to get up and move to any other room which has not any specific chairs theu people are forced to shift dance and around.

He even allows it slip that the great day would be in New York in next year, and that he is thinking about tuxes by Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. buddies