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Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme
First place on the Earth: Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium  (Belgium)
date: 18 Oct 1960
Height: 5' 9'' (1.75 metres) height.
Awards 1 win & 8 nominations.
Age: 59 years.
Worked like:Actor, Producer, Writer, Editor, Director, Stunts, Thanks.
Play Roles:49
First work:1984 - Missing in Action
Last was:013 - U.F.O.

Jean-Claude Van Damme mini bio:

 Born in the year 1960, in the month of October Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg  is commonly known as Jean-Claude Van Damme. Most of the people also recognize with the abbreviation of JCVD. The famous actor and martial artist belong to Belgium. He also directed several films in the action genre. Kick boxer, Bloodspot, Time cop, The Expendables and several others are few of his successful movies. He has become famous among the youth and every age group for his commendable and uncanny direction skills in the genre of action movies. In his early life, he started his career as an accountant. Further, he acquired the martial art skills as his father enrolled him in a school. He was a quick learner and at the age of 16, he was the recipient of black belt. Apart from this, he became skilled at ballet, one of the toughest forms of sports. 


Jean-Claude Van Damme images:

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:

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