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Paula Patton

Paula Patton
Paula Patton
First place on the Earth: Los Angeles, California, USA  (USA)
date: 05 Dec 1975
Height: 5' 4'' (1.62 metres) height.
Awards 2 wins & 6 nominations.
Age: 44 years.
Worked like:Actress, Producer.
Play Roles:13
First work:2005 - Murder Book
Last was:2012 - Disconnect.

Paula Patton mini bio:

Paula Maxine Patton was born to Joyce and Charles Patton on Dec 5th, 1975. She has been nominated for many awards in her acting career. She is majorly known for her roles in Hitch, London, Deja-Vu, Mirrors, 2 Guns and Mission Impossible: Ghost-Protocol. She went to the Hamilton High School and then to UC Berkeley. But after a year in the college she followed her acting instincts and got herself transferred to the USC Film School. This major career move helped her a lot as she got herself involved in a 3 month assignment with the PBS. Paula dated Robin Thicke since her teenage years and they later on got married on June 11th, 2005. Julian Fuego Thicke is her son who was born in April 2010. She also provided female vocals for her husband’s song “Can you handle it?” She has also produced a show called Medical Diaries for Discovery Health.


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Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:
Paula Patton
Paula Patton:

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